Melody World

A free to play GPS-based Android game!

Step into Melody World, a vibrant geolocation outdoor adventure filled with music and rhythmic challenges!

Collect & Progress

In Melody World, music transforms into magical musical notes. Gather them to create and upgrade powerful harmonic Chords to conquer difficult rhythmic challenges. Watch out for lucky ones! Collect treasures throughout your location, including stickers, crafting materials, melody papers. Unlock and utilize a variety of instruments such as piano, electric guitar, violin, and more. Level them up by walking, unlock special abilities, and take care of them!

How to collect notes in Melody World How to collect treasures in Melody World

How to fight Dungeons in Melody World How to fight in Contests in Melody World

Battle & Multiplayer

Some Chords have fallen into dissonance and turned evil, team up with your friends and defeat them in epic location based "Dungeons" to restore harmony and earn fantastic rewards. Challenge fellow players in GPS based "Contests", showcase your skill in rhythmic challanges and be the best in your location or engage in global battles and climb the leaderboard. Find friends in your location, exchange funny emojis and trade materials.


Express yourself and customize your character with a palette of 44 hair colors and 64 eye colors. Compose your own short musical masterpiece and share it with your friends.

How to customize your character in Melody World Your character window in Melody World

Your quest Panel in Melody World Your crafting Panel in Melody World

Quests & Crafting

Embark on daily quests, earn rewards, and work towards a 7-day bonus with greater rewards. Craft items with materials collected on your journey.

... and more is awaiting you!

Ready for this geolocation outdoor adventure ? Put on your shoes and let the rhythm guide you!